Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Party

The third movie from this insanely popular book series comes out on August 3rd. And what better way to celebrate something that actually gets my reluctant readers to read than with a party. We haven't actually had to party yet, that'll be on the Wednesday before the movie comes out. But I wanted to get this post out so in case anyone is looking for ideas for their own Wimpy Kid party, they can see what I'm planning on doing and I also want to crowd source for more ideas. What is everyone else doing? How are you going to make this Wimpy Kids party the best ever?

Here's our basic rundown:

1. Cheese Touch

This is the incredibly gross slice of cheese I made by smearing gray and green washable marker all over a square of yellow origami paper. Then I glued the piece of paper to a piece of sticky, label paper and cut out some strategic holes.

Our cheese touch game will begin at the start of the party and be ongoing throughout. After explaining the rules, I'll discretely stick the gross piece of cheese on someone's back once we start Wimpy Kid trivia. The goal will then be to recognize that you have the cheese touch and to give it to someone else (by putting the sticker on their back). If you get caught, you have to keep it. The person with the cheese touch at the end of the party loses and will have some menial task, like helping me clean up.

2. Wimpy Kid Trivia

All trivia questions will be taken from the event kit for the Dog Days book launch. Shamefully, I have only read the first in the series. Bad librarian.

I wanted to do trivia right away, to help jog memories for later games, namely...

3. Exquisite Corpse

Okay, so I'll think of a new name before the party, but this was one of my very favorite games growing up. I could seriously play it for hours, and sometimes did. 

It works like this: everyone will get  a piece of paper with something from Diary of a Wimpy Kid written at the very top.

They'll then have to draw the phrase they see.

After drawing the phrase, they'll fold over the top so no one can see the words and pass it to the next person. That person has to write down what they think the person before them was drawing. 

It goes around like this until the paper is back at its original draw-er and then you unfold the papers to see what everyone came up with. It's like a drawing version of telephone!

4. Wimpy Kid Cookies

I'm going to get some sugar cookies and pre-ice a white base. Then, with black icing piping bags (which will actually be ziplock bags with a snip cut out at a corner) the kids can decorate the cookies with the faces of their favorite Wimpy Kid characters. There'll be step by step directions for drawing each of the main characters and some paper and markers in case anyone gets tired of cookies or has to wait for a piping bag.

Here are my instructions for Greg and Rowley:

And 5. Watch the movie

 Depending on which movie I can get my hands on, we'll be finishing the party by watching one of the previous two Wimpy Kid movies. There'll be pizza for the ones who participated in the first part of the party and popcorn for everyone.

And that's the plan! What do you guys think? Games to add, suggestion to make these run smoothly, anything at all? This is the first large scale party I've attempted since the Halloween debacle of '11 so I'm a little nervous. But hey, everyone loves pizza, right?

UPDATE: Man did those cookies turn out cute.

My crowd was also a little young for the Exquisite Corpse game, so I quickly whipped up some DIY Zowee Momma comic strips. I drew a basic 3 cell comic strip, the first two were blank and the last one was Rowley saying "Zowee Momma!"


  1. Hi this is your favorite school librarian (from a school with the initials AB) I found your blog via facebook. What a cool party! did any AB students attend the party? I might have to steal some of these ideas for my next literacy night

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