About the Blog

I'm a new children's librarian at a branch library in a large urban public library system.

I love blogs. Cooking blogs, craft blogs, personal blogs, library blogs, even home improvement blogs. I love them all. Almost all of my recipes and some of my best story time ideas have come from blogs.

I want this blog to serve as a portfolio of sorts, highlighting what I've done at my branch, the programs that I'm proud of and even the ones that don't really work.

A quick note: Lucy Maud isn't my real name (go figure). It's the L.M. in L.M. Montgomery, the author of Anne of Green Gables and all the sequels. While I don't consider the things that I'll be talking about to be particularly sensitive, and I'll never use real names for users, my real name is pretty unique and I'd like to make it a little harder for the random internet passerby-er to find me or my system.

I do want to make it clear though that the thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone. They in no way reflect policies or beliefs of my library system.

A second quick note: I've changed the format and mission of this blog around a little bit since its early days. Some would say 4 months is too soon for a blog to need a new voice. To those people, I say "HA, just watch me." 

For those of you who were reading for my scandalous tales of misbehaving youth, I'm sorry. Send me an e-mail and I'll tell you lots of good stories. Promise. 

For those of you who were reading because you love my craft projects oh so much and can't wait to see what I'll devote way too much of my free time with next, I'm starting a new blog for that. Again, send me an e-mail and I'll hook you up with the url.

As always you can reach me at inthechildrensroom@gmail.com or on Twitter at @lucymaudm