Friday, March 2, 2012

Flannel Friday: Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Dog Gone?

Little Mouse, Little Mouse is the hit of story time. I've got parents bringing in their kids early to tell me that it should be included since it's their extra special favorite (how I feel about pushy parents and their encouraging these feelings of entitlement are a completely different story). After story time I let the kids play around with the flannel pieces and if we haven't done Little Mouse there's always a request for me to go grab that set. Basically it's a big deal.

So I wanted to introduce a similar flannel board game, one that has a few different hiding places (so we can work on our vocabulary) and an even cuter protagonist. After all, who doesn't love dogs?

We start by singing the first verse of "Where, oh where, has my little dog gone?" which is great because most of the parents/caregivers are already familiar with it.

I added my own second verse that goes like this:

Is he hiding under the bed?
Or right there behind the stairs?
Where, oh where, has my little dog gone?
I sure hope he knows I care.

And then we play the game:

Little dog, little dog what did you decide? Do you think the ____orange staircase___ is a good place to hide?

No, he's not behind the staircase. Where shall we look next? The green cabinet? Okay, let's all ask together "Little dog, little dog, what did you decide? Do you think the green cabinet is a good place to hide?"

We found him! Yay!

Close up of my dog. He's based off a Jules Feiffer illustration of George from Bark George.

Right now I have a purple flowerpot, a yellow sofa, an orange staircase and a green cabinet for the little dog to hide behind. I'd really like to add at least one more object to the set but I can't think of anything else inside a house where he could hide. Does anyone have any suggestions? My attempts at making a bed were disastrous and I'm afraid that a chair would look too much like the sofa.


  1. This is very cute! I love having "mixed set" guessing games, so the kids are practicing vocabulary other than colors and shapes. I bet they love this.

  2. Super cute, Lucy. My kids love Little Mouse too. How about an old fashion television set with antenna? - Susanne

  3. Your dog is great! I love activities like this and the way the rhyme can repeat. And, the face that you incorporate colors in the rhyme. Great job!