Thursday, July 18, 2013

Theme Thursday: BRRRRRRR

Sometimes I can get really sick of summer. Like really really sick of it. I don't like it when it's too hot to ride my bike or sit outside and enjoy a good book. So in the midst of a heat wave, I like to do a story time on all things cold.

Song: Good Morning Dear Earth

Finger Play: I Had a Little Turtle

Song: Open, Shut Them

Flannel: Alphabet Soup- COLD

Book: The First Day of Winter by Denise Fleming

Flannel: 5 Little Snowmen

Song: Mi Cuerpo from Best of the Bowl: Ingles y Espanol

Song: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Book: Jingle-Jingle by Nicola Smee

Song: Wheels on the Bus

Song: Turn Around from Getting to know Myself  

Make and Take Craft: Snowpeople at the Beach
-snowmen coloring sheets
-construction paper
-glue sticks

To go with the snowmen coloring sheets I cut out quick paper doll like outfits for them including sunglasses and both men and women's bathing suits. To size the suit correctly, place a piece of construction paper underneath one of the coloring sheets and using a pen or sharp pencil heavily draw a swimsuit directly onto your snowman. When you lift the paper you will see the outline of your drawing on the construction paper. Let the kids color and glue to their hearts delight!

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