Friday, January 6, 2012

Flannel Friday: Alphabet Soup

This is the easiest flannel in the world. For reals. I started with one set of the alphabet die-cut from various colorful flannel pieces and glued onto contrasting background squares.

The rhyme goes like this:

Alphabet Soup A-Z
Let's take a look
What do we see?

And then I put up a one letter on the board. Repeat until you have a word spelled out. Like so:

I don't usually do themes for my story times, but this would work particularly well to introduce the day's theme. I also do it as a transition, using a word or animal sound that will appear in the next story/song/rhyme. It works well for toddler through preschool and in addition to talking about what the word spells, you can have discussions about capital v lowercase letters and the colors and size of the letters.

I started with 26 and then make additional letters, like the extra L, on the spot when I need them for whatever word I'm using. So far I have an extra P,O, and an L. Keep the words short and sweet and Alphabet Soup works every time.

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