Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Story Time Scripts

Story Time took a break towards the end of the year. We had a week and a half recess where I got to think ahead, make new flannels, find new books, and plan for 2012.

But we're back now.

Last Thursday my parents got the opportunity to see me do story time for the first time. It was really great for these two people who I love so much and who have done everything to support me as I tried to get my life figured out see me do something that I love and am pretty good at. We had a small crowd, a week and a half is a weird time chunk and a lot of families were still traveling for the holidays. But once I explained who the creepy adults hanging out at story time without children were, we settled into story time like we'd never been gone.

Thursday Morning Story Time:

Song: Good Morning Dear Earth
Flannel: Little Mouse
Rhyme: I had a Little Turtle
Book: Yes Day!, Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenfield
Song/Flannel: Five Little Ducks
Song: Wheels on the Bus
Flannel: Blue is the Lake*
Song: Grand Old Duke of York
Rhyme: Big, Big, Big*
Flannel: Go Away Big Green Monster
Book: Jazz Baby
Song: Turn Around from Getting to Know Myself

*I use the power of Google and other librarian's blogs for a lot of my story time ideas and I'm not always the best about citing where I grab things from. But it should be noted that I get a lot of action rhymes and poems, including Big, Big, Big and Blue is the Lake from Mel's Desk. This woman is awesome and so are the poems and adaptations that she comes up with. I would be in a lot of trouble without her story time blog. Plus she's one of the big wigs at Flannel Friday.

Tuesday's story time had more people. Some preschools are still out so I got to see a lot of kids that I don't normally come across. It also meant that my crowd trended older for one of the first times today, including the smart aleck who decided to be contrary and answer every question I asked with a purposeful wrong answer. You win this time Davis, you win.

Tuesday Morning Story Time:

Song: Good Morning Dear Earth
Flannel: Little Mouse
Rhyme: Big, Big, Big
Book: Once Upon Macdonalds Farm, Stephen Gammell
Song/Flannel: Old MacDonald (with the flannel animals from "I had a Little Rooster")
Song: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Book: There Is a Bird On Your Head!, Mo Willems
Song: Shake Your Sillies Out from A Child's Celebration Of Silliest Songs
Song: Grand Old Duke of York
Flannel: Blue is the Lake
Song/Flannel: Five Green and Speckled Frogs
Song: Turn Around from Getting to Know Myself

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