Friday, September 14, 2012

Flannel Friday: Applesauce, Applesauce

Apples are one of the best parts of the new season, and applesauce is by far the best thing about apples, so I taught my kids how to make applesauce during story time. There are hand motions that go with this chant, but since we repeated it 3 times (once at normal volume, once very very quietly and once VERY LOUDLY) I found that having the pieces up as a visual reminder worked really well.

First you take the apples and you pick 'em, you pick 'em
(picking motions)

The you take the apples and you chop 'em, you chop 'em
(chop one hand into another)

The you take the apples and you cook 'em, you cook 'em
(stirring motion)

Then you take the apples and you strain 'em, you strain 'em
(clap your hands together like you're pushing something through them)

Then you take the sugar and you sprinkle, you sprinkle
(sprinkling motion)

Last you take your spoon and you eat it, you eat it
(great big spoon into mouth and gulping motions)

I had to explain what a strainer was and I passed around the piece. The black dots, or holes, are embroidered French knots which added a really cool texture for the kids to explore. This was a particularly popular "play with after story time" set and some of the older kids took great pride in getting the sequence exactly right.

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  1. This is a darling flannelboard story! It would be so much fun if you were making applesauce in class. (I'm a preschool teacher). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Since I started several years ago, I made applesauce in an apple-themed storytime every fall. The kids and parents loved it! Unfortunately I won't be able to do it again since the applesauce isn't made in a "professional kitchen" (Duh, I make it right there in front of them in the storytime room). This flannel looks like a very good substitute though!