Friday, October 5, 2012

Flannel Friday: Let's Go Out on a Spooky Night

Since our story time closest to Halloween falls on November 1, I'm planning on doing a Dia de los Muertos story time instead of a traditional Halloween story time. I meant to have a Dia flannel to share today, but with the Mark of Athena party earlier this week and me being very slow in translating the Spanish poems I've found, it's still in the works.

Instead, I retro fitted a flannel I shared at the beginning of the summer- Let's Go Out on a Summer's Night- to Let's Go Out on a Spooky Night.

I kept the moon, stars and flying bats.

And added...

A Jack-O-Lantern

A black cat
(The 2 year old hanging out with me as I took the pictures told me this was a Mickey)

A crawling spider
(and before she'd let me take this one down we had to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider)

and 3 witches hats.

There are also a few trick or treaters- children's faces with masks on- but they were not quite finished when I took the pictures. I figure it will be good practice getting the first time trick or treaters used to some of the decorations that they might see on Halloween before the actual day. Halloween can be overwhelming, y'all, even for big kids like me.

The special Halloween version of Flannel Friday is hosted by Miss Mary at Miss Mary Liberry and you can find more info on Flannel Friday at the official website.


  1. Love your flannel pieces! Can't wait to see what you have in store for your Dia de Los Muertos storytime. Will you be sharing?

    You are completely right about Halloween being overwhelming for little ones. That is one reason I choose to do several Halloween-themed storytimes. I use them as opportunities to guide the parents in helping their child feel safe and secure during this time of year because ~ even if you don't celebrate Halloween, your child is surrounded by all the images at stores and at other people's homes.

    If they are introduced to ghosts and monsters, etc in a book at storytime then it is much easier to see them as just pretend. I also use a ghost lollipop to talk about the fact that something might look scary but if you look closer it might be something good! Like a friend who is just pretending to be a monster or a ghost that is really a lollipop! Yum yum! ;o)

    Have fun and enjoy your October storytimes!
    ~ K ~

  2. I loved the original flannelboard you did and this one is just as great!