Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Wreaths

I realize that a Thanksgiving craft posted two days before Thanksgiving isn't very helpful but, since we just made these yesterday, I didn't have much choice. Save it for next year or adapt it into a wintery wreath with season greetings or gift wish lists.

We start by cutting out hands in fall-like colors. 

Lots and lots of hands. 

We'll also need some of these rings, that's where we'll glue our hands when we're ready to make the wreath.

Decorate some of the hands with things that you are thankful for this holiday season (Below is the beginning of the wreath that I made to take home. I may have been sucking up to my best roommates ever. Just a little bit.)

We also decorated some to look like turkeys. Everyone loves a good hand turkey.

Finally, arrange the decorated hands and some un-decorated hands as filler around the construction paper ring and glue.

Voila! Festive wreaths for all your holiday decorating needs.

You can also go very sleek and modern and deconstructed like some of our more sophisticated kids. No turkey hands for them.

However you make your wreaths, be warned that there's a fair amount of clean up to do after. If I could add one thing to my thankful wreath it would be for awesome kids who clean up without me asking them to.

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