Tuesday, December 4, 2012


So while I was on my mini-hiatus, a very big thing happened. The blog turned one year old. That's right, I've been doing this for an entire year (and one month). I was going to do something special to celebrate what seems like a pretty big milestone to me. But of course, without regular posts during some of October and all of November, I forgot. 

But never fear! I know from experience that some of the best moms out there forget their own childrens' birthdays (to her credit she remembered like 4 minutes later and called to apologize (I love you Momma)), so we'll just do what you gotta do in that situation- suck it up and have a 13 month celebration featuring a look back at the last year.

First of all, I wanted to say thank you to everyone out there who reads this blog, and have stuck with it through the fallow period. When I started I thought it would be me, my family and a few friends that I could guilt into reading it. I'm pretty sure that's still my core audience but getting feedback from others in the library and kids' crafty business has been beyond valuable and a thrill.

As of today there have been 17,790 total page views for In the Children's Room (that's almost 20,000 y'all!)

The most viewed post is Little Mouse, Little Mouse.

The most viewed post that isn't related to Flannel Friday is the 3-Dimensional Sign tutorial.

The most popular search that brings people to the blog is some variation of learning how to make Hunger Games parachutes.

26 people have searched for my blog by name!

And Google and Pinterest are responsible for over 77% of traffic referred to the blog.

Speaking of Pinterest...

The most pinned most was the Flannel Friday (surprise, surprise) Monster Lunch.

The most liked pin was the super cute Paper Plate Masks we made with our farm themed story time.

So that's the year looking back. Thanks to everyone who made it as much fun as it was. Looking forward, I'm going to spend the next few weeks re-learning what keeping a regular blogging schedule feels like, as well as back-date some posts to fill in some of the two month gap. I'm hoping to find the time, patience and learn the wherewithall for a redesign at some point in the next year. 

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  1. Oh, Lucy, can you ever forgive me for forgetting your birthday? Rest assured that I could never, ever forget the day of your birth even if I missed the date once. Love you, sweetie.