Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cleaning the Office

A incomplete list of things I have found during the never ending process of cleaning out the back office, with some visuals.

1. A program for the 1994 Coretta Scott King Award presentation

2. Black History Month posters from 1964

3. Professional grade artist's tools for creating block prints, including ink, brayers, linoleum sheets and cutting tools

4. Creepy, creepy Kindercise flyer which looks like a mustached man flashing you

5. Animal masks from the 80s (which we are so totally using for something)

6. 4 packs of developed film from my predecessor's predecessor's son's kindergarten graduation

7. Christopher Columbus mobile (500th Anniversary Collector's Item)

8. Unicorn (with a broken horn) mobile

9. A stack of Ranger Rick magazines from the late 80s

10. Frisbees from 1987 advertising a local law firm

11. Typewriter balls

12. Reading Rainbow catalog from 1996, advertising a Levar Burton TV special about domestic violence and kids

13. Fes'tival Figures cut-outs, UNICEF 1978

14. Gardening hand tools

1 comment:

  1. This is an amazing treasure trove. I hope there are more posts in the future!!