Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Make Your Own: 3 Dimensional Sign

A few weeks ago I decided to make a bulletin board to advertise our upcoming programs. We have fliers, which are all well and good, but very few kids actually look at them. And then everyone is surprised when they walk in after school and we have something set up for them to do. In order to draw attention to my beautifully constructed bulletin board, I created a 3-D sign to go with it. And now you can too, in 10 simple steps.

Step 1) Glitter the bejesus out of some poster board letters. I like to get the right side up all glue-sticky and then rub it around face down in a plate of glitter. The glue stick spreads evenly and doesn't let the glitter clump like regular Elmer's does.

Step 2) Mod-Podge over the glittered letters. Don't worry, it'll dry clear and the mod-podge seals the whole thing so you won't constantly be vacuuming up falling glitter.

Step 3) Cut out your sign. I went with the comic book Ka-Pow shape and I chose to use contrasting colors. I also made the piece that's going in the back slightly larger than the top one for more flair.

Step 4) In which we create the dimension. Using poster board, card stock or a manilla folder cut out at least 3 fat strips. Score, evenly, both sides of each strip.

The space between the blue lines (and the cuts) is how tall the 3-D sign will be/ how much it will stick out.

Step 5) Bend the scored poster board in alternating directions. By the time you're done, it should be able to stand up by itself.

Repeat until all your strips have been scored and folded.

Step 6) Using strong glue ( used tacky, but hot glue would probably work best if you can move fast enough), glue the strips to the bottom/back piece of the sign. The scoring should allow for the pieces to bend and form a more or less complete circle around the board. Take care that the circle isn't bigger than the smaller top piece.

Step 7) Let it dry. Completely.

Step 8) After putting glue on the tops of the folds, carefully lay the top piece down and use your fingers to squish the poster board and the folds together.

Step 9) Let it dry. Completely.

Step 10) Affix your letters to the top of the board. I used a glue stick for this, but stronger glue would have been better.

Here it is in action, hanging next to the coming soon board on the wall as you come up the stairs into the children's room.

And here's a shot of the actual board. I ended up going with a plain background that I attached tightly pulled ribbon to. Using paper clips I'm able to easily put up and take down upcoming event advertisements without having to make a new board every week. These two, almost completely different, boards were done within 1 week of each other. As soon as something is over I can take it off and make room for the next event.

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