Friday, June 22, 2012

Flannel Friday: Skippyjon Jones Shapes Up

I've been really into shapes lately, I'm working on a matching game which I'm sure you'll see later. But in the meantime here's a pretty awesome board book that's just too small to use for a group setting. Too small until you flannelize it, that is!

"This is Skippyjon Jones, and he's about to work out. Let me see your muscles... Nice muscles... Okay, let's help Skippyjon Jones get muscles just like yours. And this is how he's going to do it...

He'll run in..... What's that? A CIRCLE!

He'll salsa on a.... SQUARE!

Teeter on a..... TRIANGLE

And orbit an... What is that? That's right, it's an OVAL

He's going to reach for the... STARS

And rock on a.... Moon? Yes, that's one shape for the moon, does anyone know what that shape is called? YES! It's a CRESCENT

Skippyjon Jones will tug at your... HEART

And pump some... RECTANGLES

He's going to balance that? DIAMOND on his nose

And s-t-o-p at the OCTAGON. Let's count the sides of an octagon...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8! 8 sides to an OCTAGON

Lastly, he's going to follow that... ARROW 

Straight to the mirror so he can admire his new muscles. Let me see your muscles again...

And let's take a look at all of Skippyjon Jones' shapes one more time.

What's that one? How about that one? Oh, I like this one, what else is this shape?"

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