Friday, June 29, 2012

Flannel Friday: Baby's New Shoes

For last Thursday's shoe themed story time I adapted Dashka Slater's picture book about a little baby who gets into a lot of mischief in her brand new white shoes. Think of it as Dog's Colorful Day for people.

We start with two white shoes with soles of blue

But red chalk...

green grass stains...

sticky, icky squished up plums...

yellow crosswalk paint and brown mud...

quickly make the shoes just the way Baby likes them!

 There's a great refrain in this book: Baby says uh-oh, Mama says oh no, but those shoes just go-go-go, that the kids loved repeating and I loved that most of this flannel set could be made with those scraps that I just can't throw away.


  1. Love shoe themes for storytime!! Add Mr. Al's shoe song and it's just about a party!!

  2. Another great one. This would pair so well with Pete the Cat!

    Thank you again, by the way, for our monster flannel. We love him!

  3. How sweet and fun at the same time! I can imagine how the children enjoyed the refrain ~ it is fun to say!

    I also thought it would fit well with Pete the Cat. :o) But I have never heard of the song mentioned. I'll have to check it out!

    Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your weekend!
    ~ K ~