Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Proactive Princesses

Princesses, princesses, princesses. Who doesn't love princesses? A lot of our parents, that's who. But at some point it's like a flip is switched and formerly mostly sane toddlers (sane for toddlers anyway) go completely gaga for things that are frilly, and twirly and princess-y. The main complaint I hear about princesses, at least in the Disney mold, is how complacent they are and how dependent they are on men to rescue them. They are static, flat characters and we want our girls (and boys) to be dynamic actors in their own stories.

So here's a visual guide of proactive princess books, where the lady in question takes matters into her own hands, with nary a prince, fairy godmother or glass slipper in sight. I mean, yeah, those three elements are often in sight, but not in a way that conflicts with out princess' autonomy.


Have I missed any super obvious ones? What are your favorite proactive princess picture books?