Thursday, August 15, 2013

Theme Thursday: Fly Away Home

I got a pretty new dress for this summer's wedding circuit. It has lots of planes and clouds on it. I'm nothing if not an opportunist, so a flying story time to accompany my sweet new dress was only a matter of time.

Song: Good Morning Dear Earth

Flannel: Little Mouse

Song: The Airplane Song from Laurie Berkner's Whaddaya Think of That

Song: Open, Shut Them

Flannel: I had a Rooster

Song: Mi Cuerpo from Hot Peas 'n Butter's Best of the Bowl: Ingles y Espanol

Song: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Baby Bounce: Criss Cross, Line, Line

Book: Moon Plane by Peter McCarthy

Song: Turn Around from Hap Palmer's Getting to know Myself

Make and Take Craft: Clothespin Biplanes

-popsicle sticks

Process: No prep for this sucker. Just let kids color the clothespin and popsicle stick with markers and then glue two large popsicle sticks to the front clothespin, on the top and bottom, and one small clothespin to the back for the tail.

Time: Prep was zero, the project took twenty and the ensuing plane-play took another 25. Kids love zooming.

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