Friday, February 22, 2013

Flannel Friday: We're Going to the Zoo

We had a zoo themed story time a few weeks ago and using mostly pieces that I already had I was able to do an approximation of Rod Campbell's Dear Zoo, a book that I love and that we only have as a Chinese board book.

I started by telling the kids that I'd written the zoo a letter to ask for a pet. Then I described each animal that they sent me and asked them to guess what the animal was before I out it on the board.

The first animal they sent me was soooooo tall and he ate leaves all day long.

It was a... giraffe! But he didn't fit in my house so I had to send him back.

The next animal they sent me was big and heavy. He had a long trunk and big flapping ears.

It was an.... elephant! But he kept eating all the peanuts from the kitchen so I had to send him back.

The third animal they sent me had a loooooong tail and great big teeth that went CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP. 

It was an... alligator! But he scared my mom so I had to send him back.

So the people at the zoo thought long and hard. And the last animal they sent me was small and wriggly with a wagging tail and he went woof woof woof.

They sent me a... dog! And he was just right for me so I kept him!

I also used flannel versions of the elephant, a bear, a seal and a monkey to talk about all the animals that are in the Peter, Paul and Mommy version of Tom Paxton's "Daddy's Taking Us to the Zoo Tomorrow." We went over animal sounds and actions so that they would know what to do when we danced to the song.

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  1. Love the book and this is such a great way to present it!! Thanks for sharing!