Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer Reading Decorations

It's summer reading time! And since it's my first summer at the branch and my first summer as a real live public library librarian, I want it to rock extra hard. There'll be program updates throughout the summer as they happen, but for now check out what I've done to make the room a little more special.

There's a loooooong wall in the back of the room that leads to the restrooms. I've been wanting to do something with it since I showed up, but I just wasn't sure what. The very pleasant surprise find of 12 rolls of different colored butcher paper in a back room gave me the means and the summer reading theme "Dream Big. Read!" gave me the inspiration.

As the summer goes on and the kids turn in their completed hour sheets, they'll get a di-cut star to write their name on. Then we'll use the stars to finish the background of each picture.

Downstairs, I've also been working on the big, plate-glass window behind the circulation desk. In addition to providing a preview of what one can expect with the summer reading program, it cuts waaaaaay down on the 5:30 glare that's so obnoxious.

The tempera paint I used is already beginning to crack and flake. I'm not sure if the problem is the age of the paint (super old), the heat that's hitting the window (we've had some scorchers) or how thick the paint is, but I think I'll be doing touch up through-out the summer.

And lastly, we have two night themed book displays to start off the summer. Every children's librarian can tell you that one of the most common questions that get asked is "Where are the scary books?" The first display is "Books that Go Bump in the Night." There's a collection of scary picture and chapter books, as well as a few graphic novels.


I'm calling the second display "Sweet Dreams" and it's a collection of bedtime stories, fantasy and night time books. There's no signage, but I love the hanging garlands and think that they get across the general idea pretty well.

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  1. Lucy, looks like you're ready for a big summer of reading. Just wished I had a little one to bring to your library!
    Love you! Kana