Monday, April 15, 2013

25 Days of Art: Don't Lift the Pencil

Hanging above the kitchen sink at my parent's house is a weird multicolored wire face that I made in probably 3rd grade. I think it's the ugliest thing ever and don't understand how it survived multiple moves, but my mom loves it and so there it stays. The twisty electrical wire face is a perfect example of the 'don't lift the pencil' concept. All the features- eyes, ears, nose and mouth are connected to each other and to the oval head. Drawing, and twisting wire, without starting and stopping point requires a little more creativity and flexibility and makes you approach each picture a little differently. I had more trouble than I expected explaining the concept of drawing without lifting the marker, but once that was sorted out we end up with some pretty cool faces and sculptures.

-pipe cleaners
Twist 7 pipe cleaners together to make extra, extra long pipe cleaners. The length gives kids a little more room to work with when making their sculptures.

Draw a picture without lifting your marker/pencil. How does this restriction change how you would draw something? Throw out prompts or let the kids experiment with geometric shapes and their own designs. You can also use the extra long pipe cleaners to bring the initial drawing to life, or to create something entirely new.
Miss Lucy's Example:

Kid Art:

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