Tuesday, April 16, 2013

25 Days of Art: Romare Bearden Collages

Another featured artist day! Romare Bearden was a mid 20th century artist who is best known for his collage scenes of African American life, particularly in the south and particularly of jazz musicians. I used this basic craft last year during my toddler and preschool story time when our theme was jazz, and I enjoyed busting it out again.

-Google image search for particular images you want

Word to the wise, use Google image search for any specific images you want the kids to be able to include. It is incredibly hard to find large facial features- eyes, lips, noses- for anyone other than pale white ladies in make-up ads and it isn't easy to find usable musical instruments either, so I would suggest providing some of those at the very least. Cut those images out and put them, along with the other supplies on a table.

Cut, glue and draw your way to a great collage. This is a pretty basic form of art and one almost every kid inherently understands: Here, take these parts and make a whole. And while I was out at dinner, the kids asked Ms. E to bring out some yarn, which they used to great effect.

Miss Lucy's example:

Kid Art:


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