Tuesday, April 23, 2013

25 Days of Art: Earth Day Break

Happy Earth Day! We took a break from art projects yesterday and planted seeds in honor of Earth Day.  I chose seeds that are easy to grow, and we planted a few extras so if everything goes according to plan, there'll be a small tasting garden in the library this spring to coincide with the Dig Into Reading theme of Summer Reading.

-egg cartons
-potting soil
-popsicle sticks

Cut the egg cartons so that two (or however many mini-planters you want) pieces are still attatched. Fill each hole with a little bit of dirt and wet it well. Take seeds out of their packets and place them either in cups or on plates, somewhere easily accessible. 

Plant according to the directions on the packet. I like to out seeds on top of dirt and then sprinkle the appropriate amount of dirt on top, rather than making a hold with my finger, but it's really up to the individual planter. Using the popsicle sticks and markers, label what went into each egg carton and the name of the kid who will take it home. Give instructions on watering and sunlight (usually found on the packet).

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