Thursday, April 4, 2013

25 Days of Art: Paper Mache Pinatas

The last time I made a pinata for a program all of the kids wanted to help me. So pinata making seemed like a perfect fit for a 25 Days of Art project. Like I said in my introduction, Wednesday projects are a little bit more tricky and take a little bit more supervision and instruction. This one really could be done as a drop in, but it's so messy that I wanted a little more control over what was happening when.

-watered down glue
-tissue paper
-balloons (5'' is best but others will work just fine)
- paint brushes
-pipe cleaner/yarn (for drying)

Rip up the tissue paper into tiny bits and help any kids that need help in blowing up their balloons.

Process: You can find picture filled pinata instructions here. But for those of you that can follow just words...

Using the paint brushes and the watery glue, glue the tissue paper bits to the blown up balloon. The tissue paper bits should cover the balloon completely, leaving a small space around the tail-or the knot where you tied the balloon closed. Then go back and add a second layer. And a third. Play around with different colors of tissue paper, You can create some really cool mosaic looks with the ripped up paper.

Once you've got the balloon completely covered to your satisfaction, string a piece of yarn or a pipe cleaner through the balloon tail and hang it up to dry.

Follow Up:
When the balloons are completely dry, pop the balloon and pull it out through the small hole. Use scissors to make the hole big enough to fill (if you're making a pinata) or cut to size (if you're making a bowl). If you're making a pinata, fill it with whatever you want. Then lay a long piece of string across the opening and cover the opening it with a few layers of watery glue and tissue paper. When it's completely dry you can hang the mini-pinata by the string or use it to rip the pinata open.

Miss Lucy's Example:
I made a bowl. Experiment with things other than bowls and pinatas, though. I bet a small LED light inside would make a beautiful lantern. 

Kid Art:

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