Friday, April 12, 2013

25 Days of Art: Pablo Picasso and Cubist Faces

When I introduced this project I offhandedly referenced Picasso and his influence on the cubist movement. But none of my kids had heard of Picasso or seen his art. Unfortunately, our only Picasso biography went missing a few years ago (don't worry, I sent an e-mail to collections) so I wasn't able to show them a book, but I was able to print off some of his more famous paintings from the internet and I passed those around.

There's something exciting about the cycle of creation, destruction and back to creation, making something new and interesting out of something commonplace. I could do these style drawings all day.

At the last minute I did decide that it can be a lot to ask a kid to draw something and then cut it up. I may not be too attached to my drawings, but they usually are. In keeping with our loose monthly theme of jazz (story time was about jazz and April is National Jazz Month) I printed off coloring sheets of jazz and brass instruments.

-backing paper for contrast
-coloring sheets (optional)


Have the kids either draw their own picture or color in one that you provide. After they're done, cut the pictures into pieces- large enough that the overall idea or theme of the picture is still recognizable. Glue the pieces back together in whatever order you want.

Can you still tell what the picture is? How has it been changed by the re-ordering?

Miss Lucy's Example:

Kid Art:

Let's Make Some Great Art by Marion Deuchars

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